What is motherhood?

What Is Motherhood ?

How can you define something so special, heart warming, and extraordinary in a nutshell ?

I have asked about 10 mothers to define what motherhood is to them.

Defining motherhood in the eyes of others-

  1. Motherhood is forgetting what your going to say before you even say it, now what was the question again, I forgot .
  2. Motherhood is giving up every day to looking in your kids faces and realizing there’s nothing else that you rather do .
  3. Motherhood is wishing they will stay little forever so they can’t disobey you.
  4. Motherhood is like having broke little best friends, but wouldn’t trade them for the world.
  5. Motherhood is throwing temper tantrums with your kids, well sometimes at least.
  6. Motherhood is not sleeping for the next 18 years, welcome to motherhood !
  7. Motherhood is giving in and giving chocolate for breakfast, with a glass of milk.
  8. Motherhood is missing them when there gone, to them getting on your last nerves when they come back.
  9. Motherhood is being overly protective and not trusting a soul with your kids.
  10. Motherhood is surviving birth, and living off of 3 hours of sleep per day, for the next 18 years.


What I have learned so far VS. what motherhood means to me


What I have learned so far about motherhood –

Becoming a mother for the first time was one of the most challenging but rewarding moments of my life. My oldest son who is 12 years old has changed me for the better in so many ways and I am forever thankful for him. He has given me an inner strength that I never knew I had, like taking care of him alone, with only three hours of sleep. Anybody that knows me knows how much I love my sleep, its something I never played about. Motherhood has changed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has made me into a Better person,  It made me much more stronger I have gained so much strength that I never knew I had before.  I have also learned not to judge other mothers because we are all going through the same thing and all are trying to do our very best raising our children. And can most certainly relate in some kind of way.

What motherhood means to me –

I’d like to tell you exactly what motherhood means to me. Motherhood is failing terribly at multitasking. It’s extremely exhausting at times, and sucks the soul out of my body. Sometimes I have no clue if I’m coming, going, or what day it is, much less.

Motherhood makes you question everything, but to them “you got this” and know it all. Its like a roller coaster of comfort and fear, love and dislike. Nothing about motherhood is easy, it surely has its ups and downs. There are many times when I want to run and go hide in a corner and cry. Sometimes just to have that little break goes along way.

Motherhood is surviving and multitasking on sleep deprivation.

Motherhood is yelling, the kids calling “mommy” all day. The nagging, and constant crying, to fighting, and writing on the walls. Even though my life isn’t mine anymore and belongs completely to them, I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world. I Can honestly say that motherhood is growth. My kids are my silent teachers that I love to hate, and they each teach me things in so many ways to patience, humbleness , different out look on life, and to love and appreciate more.  Kids don’t come with an instructions booklet, we are learning from one another. What I will say though, is motherhood is completely worth it.

I will do anything to protect my children. So, in other words. Motherhood is pure magic

Now I know what my parents went through and I just want to salute them, They deserve a gold metal. I know at times I can still be a headache, I’m a daddy’s girl though!  So mommy is safe.

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2 Comments to “What is motherhood?”

  1. Adam says:

    Very relatable, as father too! The sleep is the absolute hardest part for me. My kids are 2,5 and 1, so it’s very busy ALL THE TIME. But it’s such magical times too, even if you’re always exhausted. It definitely changes you. No time for ego anymore, it’s all about them.

    1. Kristina says:

      You are so right about that, its there world were just living in it. Lol

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