Wellness checks on friends and families

Wellness checks on friends and families

Wellness checks, what are they and how do they affect us

How often do you check in on family and friends ? Do you go days, weeks, or even months, without speaking to someone that is close to you? If you answered yes to any of them, then today is the day you need to reconsider .

What are wellness checks-

Wellness checks are check ups or check ins, you can simply send a text, phone call, or drop in for a personal visit. I believe wellness checks are very important to check on your close ones you honestly never know what the next one is going through. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. I do not judge others but simply try to be there for one another and show support and let them know that they are not alone. Sometimes it only takes two seconds to show someone that you really care for them.

Checking In-

My kids are 12, 9, 7, and 5 years of age and yes, I do still check on them in the middle of the night to see if they are still breathing and are ok. It’s a routine that I started when they were born, and probably will continue to do so, until they are grown and out of my home. It just gives me that clarity.

Life is short-

Life is too short and tomorrow is not promised so check on your loved ones while they are here, show them that you care and that you are there for them. I work a full time job with senior citizens even though it is independent care and some of them are still working, and driving. Majority of them have no family. No one checks in on them, calls them, or visits them, to say the least so when I am there working, I try my very best to engage with most of them, and ask them how there feeling, what’s on there mind, and the news. You know small talk, and to them that means a lot. A little can go a long way.

February 6, 2020,-

Thursday, February 6, 2020, was a normal day, I got up at 4 to be to work by 5 am. I’m at work having a great morning so far. Now, At 8:00 a.m. One of my residents daughter called the office concerned saying she haven’t heard from her mother since Wednesday morning and that she is getting worried because she haven’t returned any of her calls. I assured her I will check in and see what’s going on. Now as I hang up the phone I shake off this feeling that I have and continue to take the elevator up to the first floor. I’m knocking on this woman’s door and calling her name but she isn’t answering at all. I take the master key out and unlock her apartment door now when I go in she had a few items scattered around the floor which is not like her because she has always been a tidy woman. As I’m calling her name I don’t hear a sound, nor do I see her cat. So I continue to search her unit and notice her bedroom door is shut. I knock and proceed to call her name, but still I get no response. I open up her bedroom door and I find this lady lying on the floor. Her fingers were so blue, a dark blue. I immediately called 911 as I’m checking for a pulse. I did not find a pulse at all. I was heartbroken, I already knew what the EMT’S were going to tell me when they looked at me with low sad eyes. They confirmed, She passed away. I was hurt. Just the day before I was speaking to this woman and telling her she looked great, and just having small talk. Then the next day, I come to work and I’m the one that finds her dead.

Appreciate life-

It makes you appreciate the little things in life, to appreciate life itself and live everyday like it’s your last. Tell others that you love them. You just never know when it’s going to be the last . I always tell people Give me flowers while I can still smell them not when I’m dead and gone.

Pick up the phone even if it is a text, or make a visit. Let them know your checking in and thinking of them. Change starts with you, it’s called wellness check !

10 Comments to “Wellness checks on friends and families”

  1. John R Fox says:

    nice site lots of great info. thanks for the reminder need to check in with family more

  2. Andy says:

    What an excellent topic for a post! I love the topic! I have a friend who is an in-home-health-care specialist and an RN and she has hard days like the one you explained above every once in a while. Anyway, your writing is well organized and easy to read through, good job on that! Also, I have 5 kids ages 11, 10, 8, 8(twins), and 3, so I can relate to that part of your story! It was a pleasure visiting your site!


    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Andy you can definitely relate thank you for visiting my site !

  3. James says:

    My son is 8 now. He was born very, very prematurely (at 25 weeks). He was only 760 grams at birth. He needed 8 weeks in the NICU to reach the minimum 2kg weight required for release to come home.

    When he arrived home I remember my wife and I taking it in turns to stay up all night and watch over him, literally sitting next to his crib to make sure he was still breathing. It was tiring but I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t done this for a month or two and something would have happened to him.

    Anyway, he’s 8 years old now, a bit on the skinny side, but I do check up on him through the night still (just not all night long).

    We also have a daughter and she’s 7 years old now. They’re both quite healthy, touch wood they shall remain so.


    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you James, it never gets easy for us but at least we have that reassurance that they are ok, I’m glad your little guy is doing great now ! My 9 year old daughter is very small also so i know what you mean. Thanks again for visiting my site

  4. Paulina says:

    Wow, you are so right! It is so important to have a wellness check with friends and family, I try to call my grandmother every other day and visit her at least once a week since she lives alone and far from us, and I know that it makes a difference to her life for sure.

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Paulina, yes it definitely makes a big difference !

  5. Denton says:

    Wellness checks are sooo important. Checking in on those you care about means so much and you may have just made someone’s day who was spiralling into the pits.

    To many times you here of people regretting not seeing how someone was before its to late. I never want to be that person so i check in on all my loved ones at least 2x a week.

    Show them you care it could make all the difference. Thank you for the read ill be sharing!

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Denton, you never know what someone is going through and by reaching out, it can make a huge difference . Thank you again !

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