Top 5 Best Phonics Programs

                    The Top 5 Best Phonics Programs- Updated 2020

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Top 5 Best Phonics Programs – UPDATED 2020

One of the most challenging tasks for parents as well as educators is teaching phonics to the children. A number of methods have been discovered through the years to teach this aspect of the language. As one of the most effective ways, phonics programs have been introduced to help students enhance their mastery over reading. Today, we talk about these phonics programs and review the top five best of the programs to help readers get one for their kids.

Phonics Programs – Do They Work?

Phonics programs are offered by companies for competitive prices to help parents and teachers teach phonics to their children. These programs are known to be effective at teaching the foundation skills required for reading. They teach the spelling/sound patterns of the language in a sequence. Most of these programs follow this sequence. Once the students learn the patterns, they get a chance to apply them as they read and spell words. The programs restrict the words in the text provided according to the spelling/sound pattern taught. If short vowel sounds are taught, the texts they get contain only short vowel words.

An interesting feature of phonics programs is that they make sure the students acquire the necessary skills to move to reading. They emphasize on learning letters and word segmenting to be able to interpret and read better. These programs generally include the awareness that a word is made up of a series of sounds. This concept is implemented through various games these programs consist of. The programs are divided into levels to make sure that students are introduced to spelling/sound patterns gradually and explicitly.

Hooked On Phonics Review

Developed in 1987, the Hooked On Phonics program has a nice website that describes a lot about their teaching methods and even has video demonstrations. There is a product review page that contains video testimonials and customer reviews to help you learn how the program performs. There is also a FAQ page that helps you clear your concerns about the program. The company offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. When you decide to buy this program, you can choose from the complete kit or the digital-only version of the program. Both these options let you access the material through a mobile app that contains eBooks, interactive games and videos. The complete kit also gives access to workbooks.

The program is divided into eight levels starting from Pre-K to Grade 2. It is comprised of four stages – learning new concepts, practicing sound combinations, reading short stories and progressing by earning stars. The program also gives a guarantee that a student improves by 1 grade in 30 days.

Saxon Phonics Review

Another sequential, multi-sensory phonics program that is effective, easy to use and flexible, Saxon comes in levels K, 1 and 2 to teach reading skills to kids. The program begins with the recognition of letters and letter/sound patterns. Children are taught digraphs and combinations, phonograms, blending sounds into words, application of phonics rules. The kit contains a 500 pages teacher’s manual, student workbooks, card games, alphabet strip, key word cards, letter cards, spelling cards, rule book, reading word booklet, pronunciation tape and instruction videos. Workbooks can be used with the help of teacher or parent and oral assessments can be made. Saxon Phonics not only teaches spelling, phonics and handwriting at the same time but also focuses on oral options for those who are not yet able to write. A variety of interesting options in addition to exciting games make this program ideal for hands-on learners.

Zoo Phonics Review

This program is designed to be fun and playful and aimed at teaching kids to write, read and spell. The products are divided into levels like kindergarten, preschool and grade 1. Each of these categories has a variety of activities, digital downloads, games and other materials to choose from. There are comprehensive one-day workshops as well. When you choose a kit from one of these levels, you get manuals that cover the entire curriculum for reading, writing and spelling. These materials are aimed at teaching the kids all the aspects of phonics to help them start reading from the literature they provide. These materials also teach grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. There are quick tests also included in the kits to assess their skills from time to time.

Explode The Code Review

The website of this program is basic but easy to navigate with all the information available easily. You can view the videos with Flash to see how the program works. You can also access the sample pages from the workbook to see if the program suits your needs. To purchase the program, you can choose from workbooks or online content. The price is quite affordable for the amount of material the program includes. It involves a lot of practice with various exercises that help children learn and use their reading skills. The classic print program offers a sequence of skill-based books with co-ordinating support instructions and tests.

Phonics Pathways Review

A comprehensive phonics program that is covered in on book, Phonics Pathways eliminates the need for a teacher’s manual. This program works for all ages and is designed to help little learners get started with reading. It teaches sounds of different letters starting with short vowels. Consonants are taught and used with short vowels right away. The quick movement into blending practice allows kids to learn reading three-letter words quickly. Multi-sensory learning methods are used to teach each letter. Each new concept is followed by corresponding words, phrases and sentences to give enough practice. Games and activities are added to keep the learning process interesting. This phonics program covers phonetic sounds, prefixes, suffixes, diacritical markings, possessives, plurals and compound words. Phonics Pathways also introduces a new concept of ‘pyramids’ as a reading strategy within lessons. It is one of the best programs for phonics learning as it is priced competitively and is easy for parents to use.

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  1. Strahinja says:

    Well I might definitely find this useful. I was not a fun of this kind of programs untill my friend recommended them to me and I really that it did great things with his little girl.

    Thank you for actually providing more than one option. Is there any way I can purchase these programs directly from your website?

    1. Kristina says:

      Your welcome, yes the link is at the top of my page .

  2. Ryan Ruffner says:

    This is a well put together article! You’ve talked about many different ways of teaching Phonics that I had never heard before. I also LOVE your “Trap Mom, Everyday I’m Hustling” at the top of your website! So cool and catchy 🙂

    Great job! I think this niche is awesome! A mom providing knowledge on helping kids in any area of life, is very valuable!

  3. Kristina says:

    Thank you so much I truly appreciate that !

  4. Kate says:

    Thank you for this, my grandkids are just beginning to read and I’ve been looking into an easy way to help them using phonics but have been confused by the different products available – I think your reviews have clarified things for me and will help me make the right choice.

    1. Kristina says:

      Your welcome Kate. I’m happy I can help others. I have 4 children and this program was a big success.

  5. veronica100 says:

    i like the educative post on the site,the site is easy to navigate through.i also like the pictures and graphics

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Veronica !

  6. marketa says:

    hi there and thanks for this wealth of information,
    I’m a high school teacher with young kids and I always want to give them a headstart with their learning. You’ve certainly provided some great ideas here

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you so much Marketa, I’m glad my information was helpful.

  7. Jeff says:

    As I was reading your article it came to my mind how much easier it would have been for me to learn as a child if phonic programs had existed at that time. I think every parent should introduce these programs to their children, so many children are graduating high school today without having the education they require to attend and succeed in college and the workplace.


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