Things to do with the kids while they are home.

With all that is going on, its hard to say if we are going or coming but one thing for sure its happening and its real I am one to say that it honestly is making me go crazy I’m not sure if its all in my head or what but my anxiety is certainly through the roof .

Work From Home-

These are very weird, scary times with everything going on. My family and friends believe it too. I know Majority of people had to change their lives and way of living to accommodate the kids being at home while also juggling around working from home. I’m one of them. Scrambling and rearranging my life around to have the kids at home more than usual these past two and a half weeks. I’ve definitely had to be more creative and pull a few bones and tricks out the bag to help fill the time, so I wanted to share some of our favorite things I’ve done so far with the kids (and a few that are on my to-do list) in case they could be helpful to any of you as well.


  • Make cards/ Letters– make cards, letters, or pictures for family and friends that they miss and can’t wait to see again to let them know they are still thinking of them. If your concerned about germs you can also text or email or letter with a picture of the kids. Safe and delivered.
  • Puzzles– Puzzles are great and are in-expensive, they also have different skill levels for each age group to keep their mind going.
  • Have a Karaoke/ Dance party – Let the kids pick there favorite song to sing and perform in front of you while you be the audience. What kid doesn’t like to dance and get there wiggles out, especially if you can’t get outside.
  • Cooking class– bake treats with the kids, even if its cookies, cakes, pies, or sticky buns. This teaches them how to be a helper and also patience. At the end they become a personal chief.
  • Family movie night– pop some popcorn get a little concession stand going with all there goodies, there favorite movie, and blanket and snuggle up for a good hour or two just to wind down.
  • Paint– I can’t believe I’m even saying this, because it can be a bit messy so just prepare yourself, but kids of all ages love to paint, I kid you not. Get some paper, lay some newspaper down and let them free paint for a while they would enjoy it.
  • Story time/ Library- let kids pick out a few books that they would like to read. Play the role of the librarian, and have them check the books out by stamping them and giving them back to them so they can sit down and read the books.
  • Outside play- if the weather permits, take them outside for a while and let them play, write on the sidewalk with chalk, blow bubbles or free play and let them do whatever it is that they want to do.
  • Coloring pages- get a few coloring books from the dollar store for $1 or if you own a printer. Print a few out front and back of different ones so they can color away. there are a million and one free coloring sites.
  • Slime making activitywhat kid doesn’t love slime and you can easily make it yourself with glue, glitter, food coloring, and baking soda, the kids would have a blast making it and then playing with it afterwards.
  • Face time/ video chat– have the kids video chat with family members or fiends to talk about there day, what they been up to, and just to simply say hey I’m thinking of you.
  • Scavenger hunt– get outside if nature permits, playgrounds are off limits for now, but your back yard is not. If you can get outside then great, have a scavenger hunt. Walk outside take a printable list and check off everything you find. My kids love this game.
  • Picnic day– you can have a picnic day outside, if weather permits. Make sandwiches chips, fruits, water grab a blanket and enjoy the scenery right in your back yard. If your not able to go outside you can still have a picnic right in your house grab a blanket lay in on the floor and have a picnic day.
  • Dress up– let kids dress up in different clothes and let them play around. I also let my kids choose from my clothes and play career day and have them dress up as what they want to be when they get older, and present themselves.

At the end of it-

Just know that we are all in this together and it takes a village to get through the storm, if we all just do our part. This is a very hard season for us all. We are all doing the best we can, so don’t beat yourself up thinking your not doing enough. You are simply doing what you can and that’s enough. Hope some of these ideas will not only help fill your time/ and the kiddies time, but also help make some very happy memories along the way!


4 Comments to “Things to do with the kids while they are home.”

  1. Erika B. says:

    I do not have any children of my own. However, I am a daycare teacher. These are all great activities for the little ones to be creative and engage their mind, but also to just have fun and actually get to be kids. The scavenger hunt idea is genius. I’m definitely going to share that with my kids’ parents. Thanks for this lovely list of ideas! Great post.

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Erika, I’m always happy to share these ideas with others to keep the kids busy and happy.

  2. Eric Cantu says:

    Slime time! haha what a timely post you’ve written here. And yes, you can guess my favorite of your suggestions! It’s just a matter of whether I want to take the time to clean up afterward. Or maybe I could make clean up part of the game! lol Nicely written!

    1. Kristina says:

      thank you Eric, yes slime time is always a big hit with the kids they love it !

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