Be Happy, Its a Happy Planner

Be Happy, its a Happy Planner

I love stationary and paper, and as a mother of four children I need to be organized. I am a big fan of happy planners

Be Happy, It’s a Happy Planner-

Let me just say, I have always been a planner addict, for the last 5 + years. I also have my siblings on the bandwagon as well. The happy planner is a life saver ! It was created by a mother and daughter. They came up with the happy planner idea back in 1998, to start creating stickers for scrap booking. Now, today they sell planners, stickers, and a wide variety of planner accessories. There is a planner for everything you can think of, fitness, teaching, budgeting, wedding Planning, parenting, party planning, faith, Christmas, and other aspects of your life that might need some extra planning. If you don’t have a happy planner in your life you need to think about purchasing one.

happy planners come in three sizes:

  • Mini – Cover:  5.125×7.5/ Pages:  4.5×7
  • Classic – Cover: 7.75×9.75/ Pages:  7×9.25
  • Big – Cover: 9×11.25/ Pages:  8.5×11

At the start of the planner is the important  dates/ year at a glance pages:

Each month has a monthly planning page as well as a pretty colorful cover. The one listed below is my favorite !

The weekends have a shaded box and the weekdays have white boxes-pretty nice feature !

* The weekly planner layout is exactly the same as the Erin Condren vertical planner.*

Weekly spread layout *

At the back of the planner is a notes page -there is definitely a lack of notes pages in this planner.

Getting my life organized with paper & stickers-

At the moment I work a full time Job, I’m blogging, I have a small business, and also juggling four kids. So, my to do list always has loads of things on it. From doctors appointments, monthly bills, orders, articles, meetings, kids practices, dance classes, etc. so I practically need a planner that will help keep me organized and mainly on task. As much as possible.

The Happy planner is simple yet very organized and colorful which I love. Each month has monthly planning pages. The happy planner is an 18-month planner that comes in three sizes, classic, big and mini. I personally prefer the classic size which is an 8 x 10. Because it fits perfectly in my backpack for on the go. Each Happy planner comes with eighteen months worth of pages. I currently have from July 2019- December 2020. There is a wide selection of covers to choose from. The cover of the planner will determine the color and theme of the planner pages.

Disc bound Happy Planner-

The Happy planners are bound together by discs. The discs have a heart cut-out in the center for an added cute decoration.  I was a bit skeptical about the planner being bound together by discs, but the pages do stay in place very nicely. The biggest negative is turning the pages which may be a little difficult, in the beginning. But there is a benefit to this the pages has slots which means you take extra paper out that is not needed or add more paper in. Therefore, if you buy any of the add-ons (sold separately) . You can put them anywhere you like, and if you put too many add-ons in, and your planner gets too thick to close, you can buy expanded discs which is very helpful. You can also take the papers out of the planner to write on them and put them back in. I have turned pages over and over in this planner with no issue and no damage whatsoever to any pages.

Point of happy planner-

Now for the big point of the happy planner. I would say is the prettiness aspect. And boy do I love to decorate my happy planner. I love the fact that you can decorate them anyway you like and put your own twist to it. Each month also comes with a “pre-month” page where you can write down notes, your goals for that month, important dates, important birthdays to remember, major holidays, and top priorities. Which have spaces for you to fill in. This cute aspect helps the planner stand out way more from the rest of the planners that are out there. I think the happy planner is best for ones who enjoy scrap booking andart journaling. These are my fave things to do by the way. The Happy planner has one of the best thickest papers that I’ve come across. It holds up well with no ghosting for most pens and very minimal for marker pens.

Pros of a Happy Planner

  • Price
  • Variety of colors/ themes
  • Available at all craft stores
  • 18 month planner
  • Variety of planner accessories
  • Pages and sections can be re-arranged
  • Laminating on the cover is very durable 
  • disc bound system

Cons of a Happy Planner

  • Cover is not customizable
  • No extra space at the bottom of the weekly spread
  • Only has one notes page in the back of the book.
  • Front and back cover are bigger than the planner pages


I honestly do love the happy planner, that’s all I been using. It definitely keeps me organized, and on top of things, while also being pretty of course. I truly believe that the happy planner is a really good planner and product this happy planner has helped me relieve a ton of stress and organize my life the right way. It’s very affordable, colorful, and its able to do the job of keeping me on task.

Product: me and my big ideas happy planner

available on : amazon !!

get yours today !




13 Comments to “Be Happy, Its a Happy Planner”

  1. Carla says:

    What a fun planner for a busy woman! Looks very colourful and a great way to stay organized. That’s cool that you can decorate it too. I definitely need to be more organized! Will check this out. Thanks!

  2. Bo lupe says:

    As a mum of 3, I definitely need this happy planner in my life!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kristina says:

      yes, a happy planner will deff keep you on task ! Your welcome

  3. You certainly got me hooked. I am a planner but with a lot less colour and fun than you made this out to be. You make a job that many find tedious tremendous fun. Well done

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Mariella, happy planners sure are addicting .

  4. I love the idea of a planner, I would just forget to write in it every day. This is great for someone who isn’t phone savvy. I’m like you, I have to write everything down. I am trying to put things on my phone, but if I write it down, I am more apt to remember.

    I love the style and the idea you can customize with stickers ad such. You have done a great job showing the pro’s and con’s of this item.

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you Joanne, i have to write everything down if i don’t write it down it means its not official in my eyes lol. the happy planner is like my bible.

  5. Tina says:

    I like this. I can appear crafty without actually being crafty. I liked how the weekend days are shaded so it’s easy to distinguish at a glance. I was a foster parent for 12 years and would highly recommend this for keeping up with the schedules of a large family with kids constantly coming and going.

    1. Kristina says:

      Hello Tina! yes this is a great planner for multiple things you can also add pages in or take unnecessary papers out which is a huge plus for me because you can customize this planner to your liking.

  6. Kedia Rattray says:

    Nice review! I really struggle with diaries and agendas-it just so difficult to check it everyday to see my plan for the day – I prefer digital agenda with reminders and notification popping up on my phone screen. But I do admire those who are disciplined enough to have a paper planner it say a lot about their mental stamina. But anyway is this available in app form? Thanks

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you, Kedia. I have tried that at first with putting information into my phone but it just didn’t work out right for me. an app form for a planner will be a big hit though maybe i should invent something like that. lol

  7. Kinta says:

    You are officially my new best friend! I’ve been searching for a new planner forever (okay only the past three months) because the ones I’d seen before were worefully inadequate. I dropped by the page because of Twitter and the love of your blog name and saw this article! I’m purchasing a Happy Planner TODAY! You’re amazing! Thx so much!

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