Home Cooked Meals Vs. Fast Food Meals

Home Cooked Meals Vs. Fast Food Meals

Let’s face it, fast food meals sound more appealing then a home cooked meal. Not only does it sound appealing but it also saves the time and hassle. I mean you never hear of anyone bouncing a check on a $1 double cheeseburger from McDonald. Now, do you ?

Which is better ?

Home cooked meals vs. Fast food meals, which is better. Here, I will list some pros and cons on fast food meals and home cooked meals .

   Pros /on fast food meals

  • Time saver- If your running late from work, kids practice, or running errands and its too late to cook. Picking up fast food is always a time saver.
  • Some healthy options- Now, I’m not saying all fast food is unhealthy they do have a selection of healthy options out there. From vegan, organic, salads, etc.
  • The taste is amazing- we can admit, its mouthwatering and it tastes great, we didn’t cook it and we get to enjoy it. Beats all odds.
  • Plethora of choices- there are so many choices to choose from we basically have a world of menus
  • Fast food is cheap- nobody ever overdrafts over a $1 double cheese burger. Where can you wrong with the dollar menu?

Cons /on fast food meals

  • Fast food can be unhealthy -high in fat, sugar content and higher calories
  • Spending way too much money- if your eating off the dollar menu not so pricey, if its just you. Now if you have a large family (like myself) the price adds up way more then just purchasing a few groceries from the store to save money.
  • “Don’t really know what’s in it”- can you honestly say you know what is in the fast food that 8/10 comes frozen, and all they are doing is reheating it. We are the ones consuming it .
  • Low quality-artificial ingredients and preservatives

Pros/ on home cooked meals

  • Healthy meals- your homely food is fresh, healthy, and safe from preservatives.
  • Money saver- it saves a ton of money eating home then eating out every day and home cooked meals are free of charge. that’s a win. Except, you have to clean up and do the dishes afterwards.
  • Bonding time- eating home cooked meals allows you to spend time with family without a limit or worrying about others around you.
  • The kitchen is always available- a lot of food is available to you at all times of the day. Even after a happy hour or a night out at the club at 3 am your kitchen is there.
  • Endless variety-you have unlimited access to a pantry and fridge full of delicious food.

Cons/ on home cooked meals

  • Sometimes the meal can take forever to cook/ get done- cooking takes time which can be a plus or a minus. A plus if you love spending time in the kitchen, and a minus if your inpatient and just want your food right then and there.
  • Tempting friends: when your friends want to go out for lunch or coffee and you don’t want to spend money, because you have tons of food at home.

As you can see there aren’t as many cons on home cooked meals. As Fast foods. I mean what other con can there really be ? Well if you cannot cook that can also be one. But there is nothing like a cook book or google there are tons of recipes online. For me Personally speaking for myself, I will take a home cooked meal over fast food meals any day. I really love home food, especially cooked by my grandmother. There is nothing like grandmas home cooking.

Do not neglect what you eat. Choose the right food for your body, and monitor the quality and quantity of products. Your body will be very grateful!

6 Comments to “Home Cooked Meals Vs. Fast Food Meals”

  1. Erin A Eddings says:

    I love the breakdown! As I shift more towards eating home cooked meals, it helps to remind the brain of the reasons for choosing a healthier meal plan.
    Great content!

  2. Tara says:

    Great post! I used to eat out with my kids a lot. We had an insanely busy schedule and I felt like I had no choice. With a little planning and diligence I learned that eating at home is attainable and TASTY! I actually saved a lot of money too. Great post!

    1. Kristina says:

      Thank you, it saves a ton of money.

  3. Hi Kristina. Great effort and information. The pros and cons were interesting. I’m like you. I prefer home cooking.
    Many thanks

  4. Paulina says:

    I usually try to eat mainly home-cooked meals and I find that the more I cook the better I get at it which is awesome because there is nothing better than a gourmet meal cooked by me haha. But I still eat out with my family every now and again…

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